Let's face it: life is better when we look and feel our best.

When we feel good, it's easier to enjoy ourselves. When we look good, we feel better about ourselves. Life is better when we have the desire, motivation, and information necessary to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Health is more than just the absence of disease. You may pass your annual physical with flying colors but still not have the energy you want. You eat wisely but can't eliminate digestive discomfort. You exercise regularly but still hold onto those 10 or 15 pounds.

We offer a unique marriage of cutting edge technology to test and evaluate imbalances, and offer restorative therapies. The technology helps us assess your individual needs and develop a specific plan, while the therapies restore harmony and balance to your life.

The Latin root for symptom is signal. Treating a symptom without uncovering the root cause is like replacing the warning lights in your car without discovering the problem in the engine. We use functional diagnostic testing to determine the root cause of problems and pinpoint precise nutritional requirements and lifestyle changes.

But more than that, we work with you to instill and encourage the inner desire needed to make important changes in our lifestyles.

The therapies we use are Nutrition, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Functional Testing, Cranial Electrical stimulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Sound and Light Therapy, Chelation of heavy metals, as well as Detoxification programs. Our tests include the following areas: thyroid, digestion, stress handling capacity, hormonal, detoxification, and toxicity (for metals like lead, mercury, aluminum, etc.). We also offer laboratory assessment of hormones, detoxification capacity, and the digestive system.

A therapeutic visit in our office consists of an interview, testing for basic food allergies, body composition testing to determine metabolic rate and nutritional requirements. This information will be used to develop a plan that will help to optimize basic bodily functions such as increasing metabolism, optimizing the break down and utilization of food, assisting the body in removing toxins, increasing lean muscle mass, and decreasing body fat. The benefits of the plan are a stronger leaner more energized body, healthier better looking skin and an overall better sense of well being with an increased ability to handle stress.

Incorporating realistic long-term changes into your lifestyle is a challenge determining what to do, how to do it, and how to make it work in your busy life. We work with you to bring these changes into your life in a natural and realistic manner. We are not interested in short-term remedies or quick fixes (in fact, they may actually be detrimental to your health). By using state of the art testing procedures the guess work is eliminated and it is not necessary to follow the latest nutritional fad or diet craze, each individual is different and cannot be treated effectively any other way.